Finding satisfaction in life

In Life, it does not matter what religion, caste, sect, tradition or path and which ideology, society, country or culture you are related to.

The most important question is to ask, what goals we set for ourselves in life? The goal  to be calm, balanced, conscious and satisfied on a daily basis.

The only goal I had since childhood is to be in a state of peace and relaxation, to be calm and happy in life as well as to take responsibility. I found this through the practice of Karma and Jana yoga under the influence of my late father and my spiritual master.

The authentic path of happiness, peace and contentment have made me realize that this is what I have to share with my personal consultants, to be able to find the solution within ourselves, even though sometimes we have adversaries through excessive ambitions, expectations and attachments which is the cause of our suffering.

My philosophy and permanent goal in life is: “to have a constant feeling of satisfaction, peace and happiness in oneself, and to help those who aspire to it, to the best of my ability.”

~ Raghav