About Raghav


Raghav Pathak (born 26 September 1985)  is known as Yogi Dr. Raghav or Dr. Raghav. Due to his various identities with holistic approach of life, his expertise are Indian holistic health, well-being, wellness, yoga and spirituality and astrology. He skillfully combines philosophy, holistic and Ayurveda medicine with yogic traditions into a powerful processes of inner transformation.

One of his methods is to give guidance in joyful and easy Awakening through inspiring talks and private sessions.

Personal life

Raghav is from a middle class orthodox Hindu Brahman family. His father worked as homeopath doctor, his mother is a traditional housewife residing at Rajnagar, India, near Khajuraho. He graduated in homeopathy (BHMS) from Dr. Harisingh Gour University (Sagar), Madhya Pradesh, India. Due to his inclinations towards spirituality, he met and was initiated by his guru in Jatashanakar Shri Govind Ashram Dandi swami ji Maharaj.

He couldn’t continue his further studies after graduation due to various family responsibilities and chose to support his fathers medical practice. At the same time he started to coach his numerous national and international clients with regards to overall well-being and a healthy, happy lifestyle through yoga, meditation, spiritual healing therapies and seminars.

Dr.Raghav Pathak

  • Doctor of Homeopathy(BHMS).
  • Expert in Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, spiritual, tantric therapies and healings.
  • Expert in Holistic medicine and alternative health care .
  • Expert in Astrology. 

Managing Director

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Founder and Managing Director

Yoga Services in Khajuraho
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Founder and President of NGO

SYHO- Shree Yog and health organization
Website:-  http://www.syhoindia.org/
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Mode of Service (Direct or online both)

  • One to one personal consultancy as homeopathy doctor and Ayurveda expert,
  • One to one direct or distance healing treatment, 
  • Personal Yoga therapy or Meditation session as treatment, 
  • Personal holistic or life counselling, 
  • Personal Astrological consultancy session,
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