About Raghav

  • Dr.Raghav Pathak
    Doctor of Homeopathy(BHMS).
    Expert in Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, spiritual, tantric therapies and healings.
    Expert in Holistic medicine and alternative health care .
    Expert in Astrology. 
  • Managing Director  :-
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  • Founder and Managing Director :-
    Yoga Services in Khajuraho
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  • Founder and President of NGO :-
    SYHO- Shree Yog and health organization
    Website:-  http://www.syhoindia.org/
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    Twitter Account :- SYHO on Twitter
  • Mode of Service(Direct or online both):- 
    One to one personal consultancy as homeopathy doctor and Ayurveda expert,
    One to one direct or distance healing treatment, 
    Personal Yoga therapy or Meditation session as treatment, 
    Personal holistic or life counselling, 
    Personal Astrological consultancy session,
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  • Group teachings, seminars (Direct or online both)  :- Yoga, Meditation,  Ayurveda, Spiritual awakening or enlightenment, Tantric way of living, Motivational speeches, holistic health and religious subjects.

  • Personal Guided spiritual travel tour of India :- Journey of wisdom tour  Click here for details

  • Retreats :-  Kalp Vas Click here for details
                            Tantra Retreat in Goa Click here for details
  • Online courses  :-  Vedant Darshan Click here for details