Women empowerment


Mrs. Nisha (Treasurer) and one of the in-charge of Women empowerment project with three girls has been looking for a better life with self employment in happy mood.

Life intention self help group of women’s 

Life intention self help group(SHG) of women is SYHO’s first women empowerment project to serve financial freedom and self confidence in their life. 30 to 40% of Indian women’s financial freedom still depend on the males of their family, which makes male dominancy over them.  Due to this mostly women feel suffocated and less free  in themselves to live life as per their personal choice and wishes.


Yogi Shailesh Managing director or Women empowerment project along with Mrs. Nisha (during a session) Guiding and understanding the problems of women’s related with project

Syho organization is motivating and inspiring such women with providing opportunity to get the command of their life in their own hands with required financial freedom.

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