Management team of SYHO Khajuraho

It is very easy to live life just by fulfilling one’s selfishness, but this life is not the path of spiritual peace, life moves towards spiritual peace, which cares for the life of others along with it.

How can we be helpful to others in life? My father, mother and  Master (Guru) taught me right here throughout my life, this education gave balance to my life and also provided spiritual peace.
As a result of this, I created Shree Yog and Health Organization organization in 2014 and after fulfilling my needs, tried to help as much as possible the humanity suffering from the remaining extra income, which is continuing.

The projects currently run or planned by organization are as follows.


  • SYHO – Global family :-

Developing a global human family atmosphere  to celebrate  life free from all kinds of pain, suffering and fear. 


  • Sanyas Ashram  :-
Celia Soares one of Spiritual school student from Brasil Receiving her certificate after completion of her course.

Futuristic spiritual school project is dedicated for all aged people, those are in search of real peace and wisdom in their life, but due to orthodox religious effects and hypnotizing philosophy of different therapies, paths and teaching they find themselves confused. With our such offer we are sharing the authentic, scientifically proven teachings, those can be easily understood and grasped by any individual who seek for wisdom and practical approach of spirituality, also such teaching can be easily implemented in their daily life immediately to feel celebration and wisdom.  


  • Bharat Bhawan :-

Residential education and health care project for tribal and rural kids.
In photo the residential three tribal kids, those are the part of this project taking their online class.

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  • Health care projects :-
During door to door Pandemic Prevention program

Charitable clinics with different services such as :- regular epidemic and pandemic prevention care programs, old age care, pregnant women care, mall nutrition care program, Surgery or critical health sponsorships etc.


  • Women empowerment :-
Life Intention Self help group of women

Life intention self help group of women’s to strengthen their economies with generating regular employment.
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  • Project Nidaan :-

    Miss Shivangi our volunteer taking the session of kids about Nidaan Education.

Project Nidaan is specially dedicated for the youth or adolescence kids, those are facing a lot of emotional, physical and hormonal transition in their life. Due to lack of understanding about the physiological changes in their life, they are unable to find balance or harmony. We teach and make kids aware about such natural changes with scientific approach and in easy language, so they can understand and grasp the teaching and utilize such teaching to make their life, strong and focused towards their life goal. We also offer three times in year preventive medicine kits to each registered kid under this project to save them from epidemic diseases, naturally occur during  weather transition period.

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