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The Real Hinduism

India has always been a fascinating country, with it’s ancient scriptures, spiritual teachings and practices. Hinduism gives us a rich and multidimensional, mesmerizing philosophies that are over 4000 years old

With this online course we will talk about Hinduism as a popular Indian religion and go in depth through all the aspects of this philosophy.

We will be able to satisfy all your curiosities about Hinduism as well as go into several practical aspects of life.

Vedanta Darshan 

 The word Vedanta consists of two words, “Veda”and Ánta”.

Veda –  means Knowledge  and   Anta – means the End

Vedanta literally means – where knowledge ends, this means that from that point on the realization or overall experience of life begins.

When we begin to get the idea of the overall beauty of life,
When the ego in the form of knowledge acquired over our lifetime begins to change into our peace and the feeling of ultimate love, the journey of Vedanta begins.

It is such a wonderful philosophy, it is completely impossible to get it into words.  But still the enlightened sages and spiritual seekers from time to time tried to share their experiences with their disciples.

I will share some of the teachings I received from my Guru, and my Parents in this course.

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