Kalp Vaas – Magh Mela Spiritual retreat in Prayagraj India

Importance of Kalpvas

Kal pavas is considered as a means of spiritual development for humans.

Kalpvas means to study, meditate and worship Indian ancient spiritual texts while staying on the banks of the confluence of the Indian holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati for a month, if possible then Under the guidance of Guru(Spiritual Master).

These days, Kumbh Mela has also started in Prayagraj, in which the importance of Kalpavas has increased. Kalpavas starts from the 11th day of Pausha month till the 12th day of the month of Magha. (Usually this month comes every year in between months of January and February as per English Calendar) .

It is believed that the Kalpavas of a month beginning with the Sun entering Capricorn, is a Kalpa, which is equal to one day of Brahma, as much virtue is attained.

According to the scriptures, the minimum duration of Kalpavas can be one night, while Kalpavas can be done for three nights, three months, six months, six years, 12 years or even for life.

From the year of 2022, we suppose to begin our Kalpvas retreat under the guidelines and presence of my spiritual master.