Sanyas Ashram

The school of Spirituality

Offers an education on various topics of life, it is a school that will connect us with the answers to the basic questions of life.

Questions that on a subconscious level keep us going around in circles. In the face of worldly uproar and physical needs, these questions in the subconscious mind become a deep groove and consequently form the cause of our internal instability and restlessness

It is important to remember that all these questions and curiosities are eternal, they have been and always will be. Only when one gets tired, bored and desperate enough of the outside world with its superfluous attractions of things and showy relationships, false responsibilities you can move from worldly showy bliss to spiritual bliss.

To a union with the ultimate, or a merging with your true nature.

In the school of Spirituality, Raghav will constantly connect you with the same deep questions that arise in you, without any judgement.

Raghav will create a safe place for your unfoldment, because he believes there is no difference between you and him. He feels we are all actors on a stage we call Earth, in his case his act is that he is guided to be a teacher of a Spiritual school, a founder of a charitable foundation and a doctor of holistic medicine. He is driven by a clear intention to uproot incurable painful diseases off anyone who comes to see him.

He beliefs we all have our own karma, what makes us feel different is how and where we were born and in what family, what social system.