Diet and its magical effects

Diet and its magical effect

Have you ever wondered how long you can work without food? Food is the primary unit of energy and the third basic requirement of every organism after air(oxygen) and water.

Energy derived from food made is the basic source for the functional activity of every organism, as long as there is a breath in the body, then we need food in your life, and the energy from food transmits different desires in our brain. The only reason for

If your type of food, method of eating, and eating routine are not balanced, practical and authentic, then it is certain that the energy produced in your body will also be unbalanced, impractical and uncontrolled.

It is so sure that every person, using the energy derived from food, exhibits his physical, mental, creative, imaginary and philosophical abilities in the world, every day he comes home in the race to establish the dimensions of new success in the visual world. But how successful he is, it depends on his energy and ability of the day, which he has achieved by making necessary changes in his food routine or methods,

Depending on the type of each task, there is a need to constantly change the type, manner and routine of the food, who knows this secret, choosing what kind of food we need in the midst of all the struggle of life While converting his life into a happy life,

Ayurveda and Indian Spiritual Sciences have presented the types of food, methods of eating and routines to the common mankind as a basic key to health, with special emphasis on the importance of food. Most of the diseases are also treated in the Ayurvedic system of medicine only by changing the way of eating and eating, which is highly authentic in itself.

Our conceptual, practical life is a very sensitive unit of our energy, especially the energy we get from our food,

In my personal life, I feel very authentically worldly and in interviewing the mysteries beyond the world, my diet and the changes in the way of dieting from time to time have a very deep significance.

Food has a very important place in my personal philosophy of life, about which I always make people aware,

Change your food, change your life. Whatever you want in life, the ability to provide you everything is hidden inside your food, the need to explore it completely.