Bharat Bhavan

The name of the project has been named “Bharat Bhavan” after Late Dr. K.L. Pathak, whose zodiac name was “Bharat Prasad”(Father of Raghav Pathak and one of the pioneer of SYHO). In photo :- Along with the rural children, these children always used to come to Dr.Pathak for protection against infectious diseases and to listen to the enlightening stories. The above work was part of Dr.Pathak’s daily evening routine.

Bharat Bhavan
Residential education and health care project for tribal and rural kids

Dedicated for the multidimensional development of rural and tribal children who are not able to receive proper education, care and guidelines due to variable Causes and circumstances. Project by SYHO-Shree Yog and health organization Khajuraho.


Mrs. Nisha Pathak (Wife of Raghav Pathak), is the treasure of the SYHO Organization, as well as a volunteer who looks after the routine education, feeding and preservation of children receiving services through the “Bharat bhavan” project. It is a part of her regular life.

1. Development of residential dormitory with personal study chambers, library, playground for needy rural and tribal children and proper mess for supplying them required nutrient diet to continue their education.

2. Observing their regular and routine health, brain, emotional developments with giving proper shape to their professional, hobby based artistic and personal future in a healthy environment.
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